Soil riverbank cleanup

Sediment Source Control Action
Lower Willamette Waterway

Port of Tacoma RI/FS

MTCA RI/FS and Interim Action
Former Naval Shipyard

TSCA PCB Cleanup

TSCA PCB Demolition and Cleanup
Former Industrial Warehouse

PCB Removal Action & EE/CA - Terminal 117 Early Action Area

CERCLA Removal Action
Lower Duwamish Waterway

Terminal expansion brownfield

Hylebos Waterway Brownfield
Fuel Terminal Expansion

In-Water and Upland Remediation (former Railroad Fueling Facility)

Rural Town Cleanup
Former Railroad Fueling Facility

Integrated Cleanup & Redevelopment Sports Field & Office Building

Lake Washington Brownfield
Former Wood-Treating Plant

Condominium Cleanup & Development

Urban Infill Condominium
Former Car Dealership

Urban Park Cleanup & Sediments Rl/FS

Urban Park Cleanup
Former Manufactured Gas Plant

Municipal Utility Upgrades

Phase I ESAs and Design Support
Municipal Utility Upgrades