March 2015 – PCB Demolition and Remediation Complete

CRETE led the design and provided construction oversight for the demolition and PCB soil cleanup at a warehouse property for the Port of Tacoma. The design work started in November 2013 and the demolition and cleanup was performed between December 2014 and March 2015. Building demolition and disposal were performed per the recent TSCA Reinterpretation that allows disposal of PCB-contaminated building debris at a Subtitle D landfill as long as the average debris concentration is below the TSCA threshold of 50 mg/kg and compliant with the Dangerous Waste Regulations. The PCB contaminated soil cleanup was performed based on the TSCA Self-Implementing Rule under a Work Plan that was prepared by CRETE and approved by EPA. CRETE will continue to support the Port with addressing legacy chlorinated solvent and metals contamination at the property.

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