September 2014 – in situ Soil Mixing Expertise

It was 10 years ago that CRETE’s principals designed what we believe was the first (and still maybe the only) in situ soil solidification project for environmental cleanup in Washington State. The cleanup work was performed between August and October 2004 at a former wood treating site on Lake Washington in Renton. Since that time, CRETE has provided technical expertise and support to multiple projects in the Northwest and around the country. This work has supported Feasibility Studies, treatability testing, and design. CRETE also performs remedial design constructability reviews. If you are looking for an expert on in situ soil mixing and in situ solidification/stabilization (ISS), CRETE is that firm. In addition to ISS, CRETE also has experience with numerous other containment technologies, including slurry walls, bioslurry trenches, sheet pile walls, and permeable reactive barriers.

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